Friday, May 20, 2011


School's out for summer!  The kids like to do something special on their last day of school, which is usually a half day.  This year, we met Mammy, as they affectionately like to call Ben's mom, for a picnic.  She suggested we meet at Old Creek Town Park in Eufaula.  The picnic area was shaded by tall pines and large oaks.  The kids were instantly attracted to the wooden playground. 

While they played, Mammy and I prepared plates.  We enjoyed a relaxed picnic lunch as the kids chattered about school and summer plans.  The shade trees blew gently and provided a soft breeze to keep us cool in spite of the climbing temperatures.  
 School's Out Picnic Menu
Georgia-Lee's turkey and provolone rollups
Multi-grain bread topped with pimento cheese
Garden salsa Sun Chips
Watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries

After our lunch, we toured Shorter Mansion, owned by the Eufaula Heritage Association.  Our tour guide told us that the home was purchased by the Association in 1965 for $33,000.  Definitely a steal for the impressive Greek Revival mansion!

We walked one block north of Shorter Mansion to find the Tree that Owns Itself.  The tree that stands there today is actually the third tree.  The first tree was a post oak tree that was thought to be more than 200 years old!  It was deeded by the City of Eufaula in April 1936.

The Tree that Owns Itself in Eufaula, Alabama; approximately 1940
Photo:  Alabama Department of Archives and History

We finished our Barbour County afternoon of tourism with a stop at Backyard Orchards.  The kids picked strawberries.  Allie, at Backyard Orchards, told us the strawberries are nearly gone for the year.  Although they were a little small, the berries are fragrant and oh-so sweet! 

Summer's here! 

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