Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stricken by the Lean

Last Friday, Benjamin struck ill. Some time after lunch he started calling my cell phone. After calling twice while he was in the lunchroom, he tried two more times from his school building. When he couldn’t get me on my cell, he called Ben. Mind you, Ben works 30 miles south of town. Ben was a bit worried about our son so he started calling me too. Since he couldn’t reach me either, he decided to drive the 30 miles to the school and check out Benjamin. About the time Ben arrived at the school (one hour from Benjamin’s first phone call), he recalled that I was probably unavailable because I was doing my long run (six miles - I am training for a half marathon!)! Benjamin still felt ill so Ben took him home. Ben and I talked later and realized what made Benjamin feel so sick. The poor child was probably dehydrated; after all, he had eaten at least six pieces of streak of lean, also known as salt pork, for breakfast! It was so good that he could not stop himself and later he was stricken by the lean!

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