Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Positive Jump

When the vehicle hesitated slightly before cranking Monday afternoon, I thought it might have been the battery. A couple of hours later, as the kids and I were trying to make our way home, my thoughts were confirmed. No power – it’s not a great feeling!

It is a good feeling, however, to know that I keep jumper cables in the vehicle and am not scared to use them! Benjamin quickly jumped out of the vehicle to help me. We found a willing partner to give us a jump. A nice couple stopped to help us finish the jump – I guess we looked like we needed help. We had pulled out the instruction book from the glove box! (Note to self – remember that red is positive, black is negative when hooking up the jumper cables!)

Glad to get home, we parked backwards in the garage in case we had to jump start the vehicle for the morning commute. The next morning, we cranked, although it was a sluggish start. After dropping off the kids at school, I drove straight to Todd’s Auto. Thankfully, they were able toinstall a new battery and get me going.

From those who helped jump start my car to the friendly folks at the auto repair, one thing for which I am positively thankful is the good people who are willing to help others!

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