Thursday, February 10, 2011

Suitcase of Surprises

The old Samsonite suitcase held its secrets all afternoon. The promise of what was inside was nearly too much for Georgia-Lee to bear. Since Reverend Cindy delivered it mid-afternoon, Georgia-Lee wondered what was inside. Knowing better than to open it during after-school pickup, she waited so patiently until she got in our vehicle. Taking a quick peek inside, she grinned from ear to ear. Doll clothes, American Girl doll clothes – what a wonderful surprise! Georgia-Lee waited a few more hours until we arrived home before she fully opened the antique suitcase, and what a suitcase full of delights! She ran to find all of her favorite American Girl dolls along with her favorite doll, Mary, a Madame Alexander doll she received when she was only eight months old. Each doll was quickly dressed in new finery! Made even better by the fact that these clothes were “vintage” and enjoyed by Reverend Cindy’s daughters, Georgia-Lee exclaimed repeatedly that these doll clothes were so pretty. Oh, the hours of fun this suitcase of surprises holds for doll lovers!

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