Monday, April 25, 2011

Funnel Cake Fun

Jennifer is one of the cutest, sweetest moms I know. As the mother of two pretty daughters, the life she describes is foreign to me, seemingly years into my future, since her girls are 13 and 11 while Georgia-Lee is barely nine. Jennifer's life is full of laughter and love for those two girls. With the teen years in full swing, giggles, drama, and even tears can happen in less time than it takes a teenager to send a text message!

I love hearing the special stories she share. Just the other day, she described a delicious moment from their time spent together. She and the girls decided to cook funnel cakes at home! Whereas I would think of all the mess and probably quickly talk myself out of the experience, Jennifer Google-searched a recipe, made some changes, and soon filled a pastry bag full of dough for the pan of hot grease. And what a fun time it sounds like they had - frying delicious hot danishes in lacey designs, dusting with powdered sugar, and eating them all gone long before cleanup was ever considered! Mmmm!!

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