Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shots with the Girls

Earlier in the week, I left the family at home and headed to town for a night out with a couple of girlfriends, Amanda Wood and Angela Hall.  We met at Shooters of Columbus, a gun shop and indoor firing range.  Monday nights are ladies' nights so range fees are FREE for the ladies!

Taking out a little frustration!

Ben LOVED the idea of me going shooting with the girls.  He and Benjamin reviewed several valid points about gun safety and sent me on my way with my little .22 pistol and several rounds of ammunition.  For well over an hour, the three of us took turns aiming at our targets.  Eye and ear protection were required by Shooters and with 18 lanes of folks firing, the ear protection was much appreciated!

We enjoyed shots at ladies night!

After target practice, we visited and had dinner at El Carrizo.  Angela quipped, "Shooting first, margaritas afterwards!"  

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