Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The stack of 28 recycled egg crates stand as testimony to the fact that Benjamin wanted chickens for nearly two years.  Finally, after much begging, anticipation, planning, and preparation, he was happy with the seven laying hens and three small pet chickens packed into the large dog crate in the back of our Tahoe.  The sounds and smells coming from the cargo made me wonder what we were doing!

Labor Day weekend, we visited Ben’s brother Ken, Melissa, and their family.  Our kids get along great and love hanging out with their cousins. 

Georgia-Lee LOVES her cousins!  Ben teases the girls and calls them "chickens."

And it is always nice to visit with Ken and Melissa.  Being with them makes me feel younger!  Ben relaxes and smiles a lot more when he spends time with his brother.  It was during our trip to Concord to see them that we acquired chickens.

“I have wanted chickens ever since the first time I saw Mr. Gene’s chickens,” Benjamin said.  “I thought Mr. Gene was so cool!  He had lots of chickens and pens; I figured he could do just about anything.  And I wanted to be like him.”  So for about two years, Benjamin begged for chickens. 

Mr. Gene Garner holds a little Serama chicken.  He sent this one home with us.  Her name is Brown Sugar, or Sugar for short.  She is the sweetest little thing!

Benjamin claimed he would take care of them and promised to clean their pen.  He read books and researched online about chickens.  From the looks of the growing stack of egg crates gathering in my laundry room, Benjamin also had grandeur dreams of gathering eggs and selling them to make money.  Being a good mom, I supported his plans.  Having chickens was surely a good idea, right?  After all, we live in a rural area.  As parents, Ben and I should give our children the opportunity to enjoy benefits of rural life; chickens sounded like one of those benefits!

Mr. Gene and the boys - Nicholas, Benjamin, and Mr. Gene's rooster

Three weeks later, our ten feathered friends occupy a specially modified dog pen and have pecked their way into our daily routine.  Before and after school, the kids can be found walking around with a fowl (or even two!) in their arms.  Ben and I enjoy late afternoon cocktails while watching the chickens.  Without wanting to count my chickens before they hatch, I would have to say, so far, this chicken thing is working out pretty well! 

Benjamin gets comfortable while holding one of the larger hens. 

Georgia-Lee enjoys holding Sugar.

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